• Executive Customer Relations Specialist

    勤務地 JP-04-Sendai
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    Amazon Japan G.K.
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    ECR SpecialistはCustomer Service業務において、解決の難易度が高く、且つ自部署に留まらず他部署と連携を通じてお客様の問題を解決し、AmazonにおけるShopping Experienceの維持向上を図ります。ECR Specialistは自身の対応品質の維持、向上を図ると同時に、Teamで認識、蓄積した改善項目の実施や、会得した難易度の高いお問い合わせ解決のための手法、ScriptをCSのみならずAmazon 全体に展開し、AmazonのCX向上にScalableに貢献するMissionを負っていただきます。本ポジションでは、常にAmazonの業務、対応に精通すると同時に幅広く社会通念に対して最新の理解を求められることに加え、問題解決を実施するための社内、社外双方を説得する高いCommunication能力が必要です。

    (Location is Sendai, but this can be consulted.)

    1. Operations
    · Leadership escalations: according to service levels, respond to emails from customers addressed to company executives in their stead. Work with PR and Legal and call back customers to find tailored solutions to their problems to regain their trust.
    · Question marks “?”: take ownership for questions from leaders on a specific current state. This involves analyzing the question, reaching out to the correct stakeholders in the company, conducting research and composing an answer to the leader with the relevant details found in a timely manner.
    · ECR-CS take-over: take over from the frontline customer service highly egregious customer contacts representing a potential threat to the brand. Be the liaison between the business team where the issue originates from and the customer, avoiding escalation of the contact and any replication of the issue to other customers.
    · Legal support: gather customer data for the legal department upon request. Provide frontlines with support as per legal or PR questions by bridging the departments. Ensure legal regulations are applied and that customer service follows compliance alignments.
    2. Kaizen
    · Business kaizen: find the root cause of a shopping defect and work with the relevant business teams to fix it. Organize structured events where stakeholders gather to deep dive an issue.
    · CS kaizen: analyze areas for improvement in frontline associates to address escalation points. Work with training and management to design CS improvements.
    · Global ECR kaizen: take ownership for global Amazon kaizen projects, replicating practices or studies in order to implement worldwide changes.

    Basic Qualifications

    · Customer service: 2+ years in customer experience in a team leadership role or in a senior associate role
    · Bachelor degree from an accredited university
    · English conversational and written, Japanese fluent
    · 1 year experience in change management: leading projects or driving change

    Preferred Qualifications

    · Exceptionally strong customer handling and conflict resolution skills; focus on quality in customer care.
    · Detail-oriented, analytical and organized
    · Enthusiast for change, positive mindset to lead by example and influence others across the organization
    · Able to work independently, self-motivated and flexible.
    · Adaptable to an extremely wide range of diverse stakeholders

    Monthly basic salary: 319,400 yen or more (Your annual basic salary will be paid by twelve (12) equal installments.)

    Your basic salary includes the amount equal to the overtime work allowances for 70 hours of your overtime work, as overtime work allowances, midnight work allowances and statutory holiday work allowances (the “Fixed Premium Wages”). If the actual amount of the overtime work allowances, midnight work allowances and statutory holiday work allowances exceeds the amount of the Fixed Premium Wages, the company shall pay youthe balance. Reference Example: If the basic salary is 319,400 yen, the Fixed Premium Wages will be 206,480 yen, and the basic salary excluding the Fixed Premium Wages is 112,920 yen.
    ※Your monthly basic salary will be finally decided after employment interview, taking into account the candidate's skills, qualifications, career, experience, etc.          

    月額基本給: 319,400 円以上(年俸を12分割支給)

    月額基本給には、月70時間の時間外労働手当に相当する時間外労働手当、深夜勤務手当、法定休日勤務手当分(固定残業代) が含まれている。ただし70時間分を超える時間外労働手当、深夜勤務手当、法定休日勤務手当(固定残業代)についての割増賃金は 追加で支給。月額基本給が 319,400 円の場合、固定残業代の額は 112,920 円であり、 固定残業代を含まない本給の額は206,480 円である。

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