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Sr Product Manager

Sr Product Manager

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Amazon Japan G.K.
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Job Description

Job Description
Amazon Seller Ads (online advertisement program) team is seeking a highly motivated Senior Product Manager to manage “Sponsored Products” service to sellers. Sponsored Products is part of the Amazon Seller advertisement program along with Headline Search Ads for Sellers and is a pay per click advertisement service. Sponsored Products ads appear on search pages and Amazon Detailed pages. Sponsored Products service helps sellers gain traffic to their products and boost sales from those. Sponsored Products is a highly visible and strategic program within Amazon. This product will continue to enhance its features as we drive self-service advertisement to Amazon Sellers.
Product Manager will be responsible for the overall success of the product including acquiring Sellers and enhancing features to grow the online ad business.

Amazon Seller Ads (セラー広告サービス)チームではSponsored Productsを担当する熱意にあふれるシニアプロダクト マネージャーを募集します。Sponsored Productsはオンライン広告の一つで、Clickごとの課金です。Sponsored Productsでは、広告が検索の結果として表示され、Detail pageにも表示されます。Sponsored Productsは出品者が自分の商品にトラフィックを集め、売り上げを伸ばすことを手助けするツールです。Sponsored Productsは、Amazonの重要な事業であり、本ポジションは、どのようなオンライン広告のサービスを立ち上げ、どのように顧客満足、使いやす さ、付加価値を向上していくのかに責任を持ちます。そのために、日本での顧客ニーズを分析し、日本市場に受け入れられるようなサービスに調整し、サービス の成長に責任を持ちます。

Specific responsibility includes:
1. Grow the Sponsored Products service in Japanese market – The leader will investigate customer needs and competitive situation and define the value proposition of our service. S/he will leverage expertize and learning from global team and launch this service into JP. S/he will also develop a strategy who to target and how to acquire sellers.
2. Build management system and Metrics – The leader will define metrics and set those goals to manage the business. S/he will lead regular metrics review meetings with stakeholders and drive business partners to take actions to improve business performance.
3. Work on project for new feature launch
4. Contribute global initiatives - The leader will contribute Amazon Clicks global initiatives and provide feedback and lessons-learned in JP market.
5. Accountable for the business and prepare business review with top management

1.日本市場でのSponsored Productsのサービスの成長 –すでに導入されている海外での知見や経験を活用しながら、顧客ニーズや競合の分析をし、サービス内容を決め、日本での成長導入戦略を策定し、実行する
2. メトリクスを定め、目標管理のプロセスと仕組みを作り上げる
3. 新しい機能などを立ち上げる
4. 他国のベストプラクティスの横展開や日本のベストプラクティスを共有する
5. マネジメントに対するビジネスレビュー

Basic Qualifications

The ideal candidate must have demonstrated experience working in a cross-functional capacity and a proven track record of launching successful services/products to market. Keys to success include exceptional analytical with very strong dive-deep, creative, and interpersonal skills, along with an intense customer focus.


Basic Qualifications
-Experience in launching new service and/or products and growing that online business
-Good communication skill and influencing power over related sections
-An ability to deal with ambiguity. Can deliver results and drive change in loosely defined situations.
-Good English skill to collaborate with international team, to report to management in accountable way
-Strong in data mining/ analysis and provide fact-base recommendation, justify your new hypothesis

-卓越したコミュニケーションスキルと関連部署する部署の人に対して、 影響力を持ち、人を動かすことができること
-英語力 (グローバルチームと連携してプロジェクトを進めます、マネジメントに対してレポートします)

Preferred Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications
-Basic understanding of HTML or some basic knowledge in programming (ex. As hobby, develop application using API)
-SQL and data mining skill
-Basic understanding of statistics, including regression model
-Experience working with, and communicating effectively with engineering teams or develop web-application by yourself as hobby

-ウェブディベロッパーなどの技術者との業務経験 またはご自身でWebsiteやアプリケーションを作ったことがある(趣味など)