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Manager, B2B Marketing Manager

Manager, B2B Marketing Manager

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Amazon Japan G.K.
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Job Description

We are looking for an exceptional candidate for a manager, B2B Marketing and Self Service Registration business in JP Amazon Business Marketplace. This person defines and executes marketing and demand generation strategy and responsible for SSR(Self Service Registration) business.
He/she will build and execute online and offline marketing strategy (Email, Asset Creation, Seminar, Exhibit/attend Trade show, Tele-marketing, List Buy, Advertisement, SEM). His/her responsibility is 1) to build Awareness and Branding 2) to nurture and hand off leads to sales units to help achieve business goals. This new experience is in the early stages of development, so you will be in on the ground floor of an exciting multi-billion dollar opportunity for Amazon. You will 1) define and execute the JP Amazon Business B2B Marketplace strategy including offline and online marketing taking into account country specific requirements 2) create buy-in for the strategy with key stakeholders across the world 3) roll out of a new marketing website 4) set-up a self-service registration channel on the this website to recruit B2B sellers at scale.

You must not only be able to think big and develop a high-level approach, but also roll up your sleeves and dig into the exceptional details. The successful candidate will be a self-starter comfortable with ambiguity, with strong attention to detail, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. This role requires an individual with excellent analytical abilities who strives to answer business/marketing questions rather than just producing numbers and who operates independently and works across multiple teams.


  • Define and execute marketing strategy
  • Own Self Service Registration business (registration, launch, sales)
  • Develop messaging strategy for Amazon Seller Success initiatives and marketing deliverable
  • Define, design and create marketing website and own traffic generation
  • Own paid marketing initiatives, including campaigns and events, Deliver updates on marketing to senior leaders.
  • Manage offline and online marketing plan collaborating with PR team
  • Design and execute offline and online marketing tactics to generate, nurture and handoff leads to sales
  • Plan and design Demand Generation marketing campaigns with various marketing & communication tactics such as emails, seminars, FC events and tele-marketing etc.
  • Execute Demand Generation marketing campaigns to progress/nurture Sellers’ interest in the funnel, and hand off opportunities(leads) to sales reps at appropriate timing for follow up calls and sales closure
  • Monitor progress and result of Demand Generation marketing campaigns, share results with PM and sales managers of Business Units
  • Always savvy on new marketing tactics and improve Demand Generation strategy
  • Lead the team to develop lead nurturing campaign and scoring strategy and deploy continuous analysis and improvement process

•米国/ EUのカウンターパートとの情報交換
•オンライン・オフライン全チャネルにおけるB2BマーケティングとSSR(Self Service Registration)ビジネスの予算とリソースに責任を持つ
•SSR(Self Service Registration)ビジネスに責任を持つ(Registration, Launch, 売上等)
•リードの醸成(Lead Nurturing)キャンペーン企画を行い営業に案件をハンドオフする

Basic Qualifications

  • Fluent in English
  • 5+ years of hands-on professional experience in managing and successfully driving multiple project in B2B business
  • Strong business acumen to plan, execute and deliver results
  • Experience in building and executing Online and Offline marketing strategies and demand generation campaigns
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to think and act both strategically and tactically
  • Strong communication skills: experience in coordinating teams and communicating to management
  • Strong bias for action and ability to prioritize
  • Ability to use hard data and metrics to prioritize projects per channel and market
  • Aptitude for organization, flexibility and producing results in a fast paced environment
  • Technical ability in using Power Point and Excel, plus the ability to learn in-house tools quickly
•B2B分野におけるマーケティング経験 5年以上
•オンライン・オフライン両方を使った案件創出(Lead Generation)経験
•マーケティング・パフォーマンスのトラッキングおよびアクションプラン立案・実施の経験(特にWeekly Performance Tracking/Reviewの経験)
•マーケティング・オートメーション・ツールを使ったLead Nurturing キャンペーンの企画・実施
•Go-to-Market /チャネル戦略立案経験
•中級以上のPCスキル(Word, Excel, Power Point)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in Corporate / Business Planning
  • Experience with E-Commerce
  • knowledge of B2B market segment
  • MBA or PhD from a top-school is a plus